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Are you looking for a team dedicated to your small business? Our process has taken out the theatrical performance by providing you complete transparency and guarantee of a unique website for your small business.


At Lavon, our mantra relies on providing you access to the cockpit while the Autopilot takes care of everything. Our team is always at standby when you need them, and you are provided with tools of collaboration to have complete transparency of your projects.

Website prices are still historic, and we decided it is time to innovate and disrupt the industry with automation, reducing the total cost of projects tremendously. The Lavon System is built with the lean methodology at its core of how to continuously improve our services while not hindering the quality of the end deliverable.

We take into consideration of your small business and your industries benchmark and create a design which encapsulates your brand digitally. Once you approve the designs, you are moved along the process, and the development team will move in and help finalise the project. The system is designed to ensure there is no wastage to provide you with the best product for your investment.


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WordPress has been the standard for a website on the web for years, and continue to grow as it is the most accessible platform to expand an existing business. WordPress has a plugin marketplace with teams and individuals consistently looking at ways to improve the experience of  WordPress and providing outstanding SaaS products which are not possible on any other platform.

Are you looking for a straightforward interface to edit content and sell your products? Entrepreneurs are small business owners will continue to use Shopify as a straightforward e-Commerce experience for non-developers. Shopify continues to grow and is well known for its marketing automation as the plugins on the platform focus on driving sales through emotional cues in organic traffic.

Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin and system which allows wordpress users E-Commerce functionality. Integrations for Woocommerces comes in abundance as Woocommerce is still widely used, and it is always better to have everything in one place then siloed across different areas.

Are you looking to create a website application or a SaaS company but do not have the technicals to proceed? Let our team help you through every stage, providing you with a team dedicated to your project and your needs.

Are you looking for something custom? Reach out to us and we can find out if we are able to help, otherwise we will direct you to a team who is better suited.

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