When it comes to digital, we all think about creating a website and running ads. We instead explore things broader by assessing your maturity. Providing insights on the development forward and how you are able to tackle digital

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Digital Maturity Assessment

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DCX Maturity Assessement

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Price Match Assessment

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Digital Directives


Lavon explores companies’ integration into digital by providing clarity on their current state. Breaking down the business into components and understanding their operations within each component and how they communicate cross-functionally. The general impression of consulting is to advise on how to solve problems. However, when it comes to digital, there is no one size fits all, as every journey is unique.

Consulting provides your business with a digital progression map of paths you can take to incorporate into your existing structure. Providing a new perspective of digital, allowing you to achieve your organisational objectives with improved technological capabilities. There are times when your business is amid internal wrangling over impending change, the involvement of an external adviser can break the deadlock.


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Understanding where your company is digitally starts with an assessment across industry standards of maturity, assessing where you are able to incorporate digital to reach your objectives. Providing a clear roadmap of what you are able to do and how you are able to incorporate technology within your path to get there. 

Are you looking to develop a website but have been quoted with an amount which far exceeds your expectation? Reach out and we are able to provide you details of whether or not the amount quoted is applicable to the amount of work. 

There is no more critical time than the present to be able to understand how to communicate your company’s values to your customers. Understanding the integration of their digital touchpoints and providing a digital customer experience is a fundamental factor of a company’s digital success. The assessment gives you an outline of how to communicate a digital customer experience for your customers.

Everyone has an objective when it comes to digital and if you are a company who are well equipped with the knowledge of your current state, we are able to assist with the execution. Providing you a team of experts who are well versed in executing and making digital happen.

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