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Melbourne Digital Agency​

Melbourne Based SEO Agency

A Melbourne SEO agency designed for growth and success of small businesses ready for the exposure of new digital avenues. Creating SEO campaigns capturing highly targeted traffic driving transactional engagement driving leads and sales for Melbourne businesses.

First Step To Digital

Visioning your Digital Success

The focus and the ethos we embody is the focus on real world results extending far beyond traditional SEO agencies approach of keywords and organic search rankings. We measure our performance on metrics defining the success and growth of your business.

We understand to align the success of a SEO campaign is to help understand your Melbourne businesses goals and objectives, looking deep into your desires of where you want your business. Digital success starts with a vision, a plan, and the capability and commitment of bringing it to life.

1. SEO is An Art

Our SEO Philosophy

Have you ever considered why you have to go through multiple websites on the front page? Why sometimes that first page you click on, despite ranking so well on Google, it either doesn’t help, or doesn’t appeal to you. This is the techniques SEO agencies will help shape your success by appearing on google, but it doesn’t help you satisfy the attention of your customers, doesn’t help you expand into a brand which captivates your visitors.
When it comes to perfecting SEO, you can hire as many specialists as possible but when they only focus on metrics which helps showcase increased traffic to your existing pages, they are not considering the bigger picture. We see SEO as an Art where it takes an artist to bring out the true growth of a business beyond numbers as most agencies will claim you need to increase your Ad to get the desired results. You need a team who paints the picture of your digital presence through the lens of your business, helping you expand digitally through an expression of your brands identity.

The Underlying Truth

Tried/Time Tested/ Truth of Marketing founding our SEO practice

Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO is a service where a team or individual optimize your search engine presence through on and off page optimization – utilising tried and tested tactics to help increase your search engine rankings, most prominently focusing on google.

3. Google Ad Types

Our On-page cornerstones

A search engine optimisation agency will use the term on-page to refer to elements of a website. These includes factors such content, architecture and code. Performance factors include speed, security and best practice coding for search engine visibility. These factors contribute to a SEO strategy and are what an SEO company will work towards improving.


One of the most impactful, engaging, undeniable truth to SEO is the importance on Content. You can perfect everything to the TEE, but if the content you provide is boring your customers and they are leaving your website, your efforts are wasted. We focus on content bringing quality, uniqueness, content depth, engaging and the inclusion of targeted keywords.


Website Architecture

No matter how great everything can be, without development focused on good SEO practices, you can be hindering your google results. This includes factors such as the speed and performance of your website, the mobile responsiveness, as well as the technical focus on your URL structure, sitemaps and schema.


The language of your website is as crucial to search engine as website development and content, is the structure of headings usages, image alt tags, descriptions, and titles.

3. Google Ad Types

Our Off-page cornerstones

An SEO company will use the term off-page to refer to external factors of the website itself. These factors are typically outside the control of a webmaster, this can include backlinks. Backlinks are links pointing from one site to another.


A critical search engine optimisation element that determines organic search performance is “trust” level. These factors include domain authority (including links, shares), user engagement, referring to how website visitors engage and interact with your site. Finally, reputation, this being the authority of a website within its given market/category.



When we discuss links we refer to a “link” from one website to another. The goal is to acquire links of value such as those from trusted websites. This in turn, will build domain authority.




This explores areas such as country and locality of a users search. User experience is a critical element here that looks at a how users interact with the site. This ties into user “intent” and how closely a page matches the intent of search queries.



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