Optimising Instagram

Optimising Instagram in 2020

Knowing what to post and knowing how your audience responds is crucial to optimising your Instagram account. To be able to measure your success on Instagram, you need to be able to know where you’re starting from, so you’re able to track where you are going.

Here are ten powerful Instagram Marketing tips to milk your cash cow.

Using Free Tools

To be able to, you first need to make sure can reap the benefits of Instagrams free tools, you need to sign up to an Instagram business account


Once you have signed up to your business account, you can view the following statistics

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Breakdown of the demographics, including information on their age, gender, location, and most active hours
  • Weekly Insights showing how many impressions you earned for that time period and what your top posts were.
Once you have the answers of knowing who is interacting with, you are able to adjust your content to boost engagement.

Inspiring Behavioural Responses

As all platforms are a great communication channel – more often than not, businesses use the platform to consistently promote their products. However, there are better ways by provoking behavioural responses by inspiring a connection to your brand.  One common response can be seen as a curiosity and scarcity when you run a product teaser but is only limited to 3 orders. 

Running Instagram Ads Alongside your Content

There are common tropes in the marketing of having to spend huge amounts to get results, but rather being creative with the strategy & targeting can lead to monumental success. If you are running an ad campaign for a specific niche, make sure the content aligns with the greater purpose of your Instagram account to promote more engagement and grow your following. 

Using Network Externalities

Finding good influencers in 2020 is hard if you have no clue on what you are looking for. Influencer marketing is pushed across every agency, but in reality, you can do it your self by understanding the principles at play, and determining your return on investment. The critical link between the two is the value of the influencer is dependent on how many users join, and how valuable the relationship is to the page. If it is a oneway relationship of content being pushed to customers, the link is weaker than you think and maybe better finding a better and more engaged community. 

Use Your Network

Engaging with your community is something all marketers need to really understand and the benefits you bring to them. Not only is it important for leaders to inspire their employees, it is just as important for Instagram accounts to inspire their followers. Businesses and brands were once a crucial part of our lives and how we see ourselves – now we are walking into the darkness as we are seen as monetary values. Look at creating content at scale by providing your users to submit  posts and engage with them on a more personal level. 

Brand Your Engagement

Creating engagement and measurable results, consider creating interactive hashtags. Everyone loves to hashtag, and as time continues – it’s also important to consider how your hashtags should be timebound as a capsule of memories. Creating a hashtag that your company (and other users) can search for is essentially free advertising. Every time someone posts a photo using the tag, they’re exposing your company to their followers. If you already have a popular brand slogan or phrase, consider making that your branded hashtag. 

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