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Innovation in eCommerce has been a hot topic as the industry giants range from young entrepreneurs to big corporates stealing the show. Influencers have been exploring every path to making money online and innovating ways to sell products indirectly. Amazon live is interesting as it takes infomercials for products and deals we all hated seeing on TV, but placed in a way you enjoy..? Amazon Live is a live-streaming platform on Amazon, for sellers and influencers to promote products and drive sales through live video where consumers can directly purchase your deals. 

The most common live-streaming platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. But is Amazon Live worth exploring?

Starting Out

Global Opportunities - Amazon Live

To be able to qualify, you need to be a part of the Amazon influencer program and U.S. sellers. 


  • Amazon Influencer Program
  • Active Store Front
  •  U.S. Professional Amazon Seller or
  •  U.S. Vendor with an approved Amazon Store
  • iPhone User


  • Download the Amazon Live Creator app.
  • An iPhone or iPad (the app is currently only available for iOS users).
  • A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • You can go live directly from the app or connect to an external mic or camera 
  • When you’re setting up, choose the brand of the product you want to showcase (must be registered 
  • When you’re ready to go live, you will be asked to pick a brand of the product you want to showcase (the brand needs to be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry).
  • Products will be added to a carousel to display below your stream 

Tips for Being Successful

1. Schedule time slots longer than 30 minutes but shorter than 2 hours

To be effective on Amazon, you will need to make sure you are live for at least 30 minutes. It is essential to understand the content you are creating is different than actual infomercials as you are an influencer, not just a salesperson. Engage with the shoppers, expand on the benefits and be authentic as you do not want to sell the products to make money. Instead, you are selling these to make the lives of the shoppers better.

2. Interact with the Shoppers

Of course, you may not have any viewers, but if you are an influencer ensure you are timing the time you go live with your viewers. It is essential to interact with them, get feedback and understand their purchasing behaviour. Encouraging them to receive notifications, follow you on other platforms. When your viewers are asking questions, treat every single one as a buyer who is willing to make a purchase and go out of your way to spoil them. Show them every feature why they should consider purchasing, and do not feel discouraged if you are repeating yourself.

3. Have a Reason

Do not sell your products directly and shove the product in their face; we all want to feel like we made the decision ourselves. It is essential to have a story to every stream and purpose, whether it is a special deal or promotional codes – add some uncertainty. The thrill of streaming is the fact it is a live feed, and it is essential to utilise the fact it is live to drive your decisions on what to stream. The best streams and the most engaging streams are the ones which add continuous reasons for shoppers to come past, as if you are going live every time there is a promotion, you may be making the sales, but you could have made more if the price was not their pain point, but a feature was.

Should You Try Amazon Live?

There is no clear answer, but as Amazon continues to grow into every Industry, you also have opportunities to grow alongside the growth of the company. Amazon live is a great service to watch as it has turned hated infomercials into content for shoppers on the platform. It is very important to see how this plays out as infomercials were generally hated and were filled with misleading and deceiving statements. Will Amazon live have the same issues? 

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