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Businesses need to find an agency capable of delivering an integrated marketing strategy with the core being an innovative approach. It is essential to know how agencies differentiate themselves and how to get the best value for your budget.

The broad definition of a creative agency is the use of strategy to help clients achieve their goals – the process differentiates by the number of elements an agency focuses on to achieve the objectives. A typical example is: an advertising agency specializes in simple campaigns for one medium, but a full-service has an omnichannel approach of promotion. There are several types of creative agencies that focus on the areas outlined above. We explore them by their characteristics and outline what they commonly do.

Advertising Agency

The main advertising agencies create campaigns and materials to promote a clients product or service. Outlining a clear path towards a clients objective by either attracting new consumers or improving loyalty and recognition among their existing customer base.

Services Offered

  • Market research: Agencies often use environmental analysis tools to determine market trends, or hold interviews to find out key insights from customers 
  • Creation of branding strategies:  After an environmental analysis, agencies determine the path you should take by aligning a strategy to your Vision, Mission, Objective and existing corporate strategies. 
  • Production of advertisements: Following after the strategy and research, agencies will help produce advertisements they believe is suited to achieving your corporate objectives.  
  • Placement of advertisements: Agencies usually specialise in one medium for advertisements, whether digitally or traditional.  

Digital Agency

Commonly old digital agencies would work on screen-based products and services, expanding your technological capability. Now days, digital agencies, or in particular Lavon – we specialize in improving your companies digital maturity. 

Common Services Offered: 

  • Online presence: Establishing an online by creating digital touchpoints for your business and integrating an online experience. Using websites, social networks, digital applications to help improve your human capabilities by implementing technology within processes.
  • Data Analytics: Using insights to measure success and optimizing existing processes to drive better results and implementing data-driven strategies across the organisation to allow for a more efficient and agile company.
  • Business Development: Designing and developing systems to remove century-old administration by infusing technology & human capabilities. Driving digital improvements across organisation silos by connecting them to a centralised point

Consulting Agency

Consulting agencies, in essence, provides ideas and steps to help businesses attract new audiences or hold on to existing customers. They use client data and market research to ensure their strategies have the best chance of success. Consulting agencies often specialise in a specific area, such as implementation, business management or a particular industry sector.

Services Offered

  • Expansion into new markets: Using analytics, consulting agencies consider the current state of a business and create a roadmap of expansion into new markets. Providing a clear view of how they can expand and where it may be profitable. 
  •  Increasing sales and revenue: Informs businesses on how to create sales-boosting strategies by focusing on reducing operating costs and concentrate on increasing profits.
  • Launching new products or services: Guiding businesses on which new products or services consumers want and how to launch them.
  • Improving operations and processes: Consulting agencies assess a client’s processes to determine more efficient and effective procedures in all areas, including development, production, logistics and customer service

You can expect agencies to shift business models to accommodate all three areas by incorporating a digital model. Agencies have had little innovation but with the change in behaviours and business confidence, customers are expecting more with fewer investments. Some are able to incorporate consulting through digital offerings allowing businesses to explore a more cost-effective approach to business development. 

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