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How To Get Started With Digital in 2020 – Australia

The luxury of deciding on digital has ended as with many other small businesses during the 2020 pandemic… But if you are reading this, it might not be the case for you! As a small business, it is essential to have a digital presence as you need certainty when it comes to being able to reach your customers.

We have come up with a list of topics and guides to help familiarise your self with digital and how to use them. This is a guide on How To Get Started With Digital in 2020 and a list for you to be able to come back or refer people to.

  1. How to create a Facebook page
  2. How to create a YouTube page (TO BE ADDED)
  3. How to create an Instagram page (TO BE ADDED)
  4. How to create a LinkedIn page (TO BE ADDED)
  5. How to use Google search (TO BE ADDED)
  6. How to use YouTube (TO BE ADDED)
  7. How to create a Blog (TO BE ADDED)
  8. How to create a Podcast (TO BE ADDED)

1. Register for a Facebook Business Page

Create Button on Facebook

To create a Facebook business page, you need to use your personal Facebook account, and if you do not have a Facebook, this is might be the time to set up one for work purposes. Once you are on you will find a Plus Sign, you will need to click on it which will have a list of things you are able to do.

2. Select “Page” from the Menu

image 1 Lavon Global

A drop-down list will appear after clicking “Create.” Select the first option, “Page,” to create your Facebook Business Page!

If you were familiar with the old layout, you would have had two choices to choose between a “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” but Facebook has made the process a lot simpler.

3. Enter Your Page Name

Page Name Lavon Global

Enter your Business Information. This should be the same as your actual business name. Then, choose a business category that best represents what your business offers.

4. Enter Your Page Category

Page Category Lavon Global

Your business category should best represent what your business offers. For example, a clothing brand could enter “Clothing,” which will then pre-populate a list of related options for you to choose from.

5. Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Profile Picture and Cover Lavon Global

Now the fun and creative part! Facebook is a channel your customers will use to find your business so you should put your companies brand hat on and think how you want to showcase yourself on the platform. Businesses commonly use a logo but you may use any photo which is best suited.

With the cover photo, you will be able to upload either a video which automatically plays or a boring picture. You want your cover photo to be visually appealing and representative of your business!

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2050 x 780 Dimensions

6. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Invite All Friends Lavon Global

With all businesses getting started with digital, the best place is to invite your current Facebook Friends which are connected to your personal account. Existing Facebook friends can provide a good initial base of likes for a new Facebook Business Page.

7. Navigate to Page Info

image 4 Lavon Global

In your left-hand menu you will find icons, find and select “Settings”.

6. Update your Business Information

image 3 Lavon Global

Now Navigate to Page info and Update Your Business information. Think of Facebook as the first place your customers will navigate to. Keep everything up to date, 100% of the time! We also offer a social media assistance package where we will communicate with you throughout the month and do they pdates for you.

8. Add a Button to Your Page

chrome dgn0bosEV8 Lavon Global

Facebooks allows you to have a big call-to-action (CTA) on your Facebook fo free. You can choose the one which is the most relevant to you and your business.

9. Get Started with Digital by Being Active

Creating a Facebook Business Page is only the first step to engaging with your customers. You will need to be active to be able to market your page and grow an audience.

Post frequently: New and frequent posts tell your fans and followers that you’re active, legitimate and care about them as customers. Old or expired posts could imply that your business is closed or isn’t invested in its customers. Use post scheduling to create posts in advance so your Page remains fresh, even when you’re away.
Post content that your followers will care about: The more relatable your content is, the more you’ll be able to connect with your audience. Potential customers who see content that matters to them may be more likely to become fans of your Page or trust your business.

Facebooks Recommendations

Get Started With Digital Part 1

We hope you enjoy the guide so far, we plan to keep updating this list with all the information you need to be able to go digital in 2020. We all need a list which is the most relevant, and we hope this can be it for you!

  1. How to create a YouTube page (TO BE ADDED)
  2. How to create an Instagram page (TO BE ADDED)
  3. How to create a LinkedIn page (TO BE ADDED)
  4. How to use Google search (TO BE ADDED)
  5. How to use YouTube (TO BE ADDED)
  6. How to create a Blog (TO BE ADDED)
  7. How to create a Podcast (TO BE ADDED)

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