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The global marketing agency world has been put to the test as smaller agencies continue to strive across industries. When digital was fresh in the minds of consumers, it was tough to find experts in the field, but as the first phase of digitalisation has reached its course – we are entering new stages of value creation across the web. Global marketers are still unable to capture the value of digital transformation beyond a website and social media channels. It is important to understand how to improve existing human capabilities with new technological capabilities.

The approach many global marketers take is to integrate a full-service campaign by considering every aspect of a company and continue to drive the element across new digital directives.

All global marketing agencies, or often referred as creative agencies, or advertising agencies, are companies dedicated to designing and managing a brand’s design, marketing, branding, advertising, digital and social media campaigns. An advertising agency is generally independent of the client. Still, it can be an internal department within the agency that provides an outside point of view to sell a client’s products or services. The agency can also take over the overall marketing/branding and promotion strategy for its clients, which can also include sales.

Digitalisation has led to opportunities across all industries as digital disruption has caused many companies to fall to digital nomads. Digital nomads are experts who have utilised technology to a capacity beyond what was capable of exceeding human expectations—capitalising on areas where no amount of hours invested can equate to the same result. Global marketing agencies are funnily positioned to be in the same boat but were unable to capture the beauty of digital beyond human capabilities.  

Global Marketing Agency

Globalisation & Global Marketers

Globalisation and the adoption of the internet have levelled the field for global marketers as access to clients become easier. Most companies who incorporate a digital strategy, it is often referred to as a social media and website content strategy, which focuses on driving clients through long-term content creation.

To be able to compete with global companies, small businesses will need to look into investing upwards of over $100,000 into a global marketing agency as the structure of many companies focus on top-down business models, where the people executing are paid far less than the people at the top. You will find many graduates in digital who have spent their lives learning to only be paid the bare minimum. The prehistoric agency models are going to be disrupted as the business confidence across Australia reaches -4 in September and the reliance on small businesses to recover the jobs lost.

For small businesses to be able to compete they will need to swallow the pill of not knowing how to take their business further. Experts specialise in different growth opportunities, and some of them are more well informed of growth steps after a company grosses over 7 figures.


How We Operate

Our digital services help companies explore digitally on a global scale by providing a digital progression. Looking at how to incorporate digital alongside your existing structure – providing a new perspective of digital. Global marketers sometimes forget what it means to be global as tech companies continue to soar, leaving traditional companies in the dust. 

There are times when your business is amid internal wrangling over impending change; the involvement of an external adviser can break the deadlock. Lavon Global is built for small businesses who are looking for the most cost-effective solution to their problems. Reach out and connect with us to see how we are suited for each other.

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