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Melbourne Digital Agency​

We are the 'Digital' in Digtal Agency

Lavon Global is a multicultural team with varied lives, goals and viewpoints. A revolutionary approach to B2B services through virtual ecommerce. Pioneered by a visionary approach towards small business improvements bringing forward unique approaches to problems.


Melbourne Based Digital Agency

We’re a full-service digital agency offering bespoke solutions to small businesses. Our work covers everything from setting up a website to integrating digital systems, advertising, web design and content creation to social media. Our digital alignment provides the tools to help clients with all their digital needs.

Our digital services help companies explore digitally on a global scale by providing a digital progression. Looking at how to incorporate digital alongside your existing structure – providing a new perspective of digital. Traditional agencies forget what it means to be global as tech companies continue to soar, leaving traditional companies in the dust. 

There are times when your business is amid internal wrangling over impending change; the involvement of an external adviser can break the deadlock. We are built for small businesses who are looking for a solution which fills in all the holes in the wall not just one.

Global marketers are still unable to capture the value of digital transformation beyond a website and social media channels. It is important to understand how to improve existing human capabilities with new technological capabilities.

The process is the Solution

One-Stop Digital Agency

We are a Melbourne Digital Agency dedicated to branching your businesses operations into technology through a systemic process allowing continual growth.

Social Media​​ Advertising

Social media marketing campaigns built for your audience


Aligning and bringing core ranking factors and elements together

Google Ad Words

Utilising the most effective approach for your business and industry.

Web Development

Creating bespoke solutions fitted to your your digital objectives

Digital Strategy

Planning your digital vision with your organisational objectives

Digital Optimisation

Allowing you to achieve your organisational objectives with improved technological capabilities.

Industry focused

Local Businesses