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What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots have been around for decades, and it is far from new technology, but for many, it is an excellent capability. Companies commonly explore chatbots as an easy go-to investment for digital customer experience. There are two areas a chatbot covers, which are

  1. Chatbots or chat functionality allows customer service representatives to reach out to your customers while they are browsing different areas of your website and engage them when it is the best time.
  2. The second is utilising Artificial intelligence to reach out to your customers based on behavioural inputs at times they are more likely to invest and nurture them by chatting to them

Nowadays, you can find chatbots across all platforms as companies such as Drift have taken the industry by storm with unique AI-driven lead nurturing. The only caveat to the usage of Drift is its price. However, Intercom and livechat can compete but I think it is essential to understand why you are investing in a chatbot. There are multiple ways you can take, but sometimes the ‘new feel’ of technology can ripe you into investing in a bot without understanding its purpose

Chatbot Assistance
Source: Chatbots (of) the future! (Phani Marupaka)

Benefits of ChatBots

Depending on your objectives, if you want to invest in a chatbot for messenger there are heaps of tools you can use, we have explored manychat and chatfuel for our needs. You will only need to understand conversational algorithms to get the full benefit of the platform.

  • Chatbots Designed for a Purpose. Generally, you will find a chatbot fulfilling a specific purpose in companies digital operations. The purpose of the chatbot will vary but generally helping customers with a specific problem or replacing a customer service representative 
  • Chatbots automate processes. Not only a chatbot can help nurture your leads to a qualified lead, but it can also help with analytics, contests, etc. They can do many things if you program it well
We have consolidated a list of things you need to do NOW to ensure you get the best VALUE for your money. 
  • Start with a plan
  • Your chatbot should be an embodiment of your brand
  • Solve Uncertainty
  • Add Human Attributes To Your Bot
  • Involve a Continious Improvement Mindset

1. Start with a Plan

Are you planning to educate your customers or are you planning to sell directly through the bot? Understanding both interactions are extremely important as both is possible depending on your online structure, but it also depends on how much time you are willing to invest into the creation. The design for this example will be a simple customer experience example.

2. Your chatbot should be an embodiment of your brand

Create a persona for your chatbot and the way it would react to certain questions. Do not use technology as a way to save time, but rather help your customers save time. Create a personality which resonates deerly to your customers. 

3. Solve Uncertainty

Everyone who informs you about chatbots explains to you all the things you should do at the start by nurturing them, but we like to go back to advise us on what could go wrong. This is common in agile practices, it is referred to as a premortem, and when you are planning a chatbot – you are running entirely on assumptions. 

Here our are recommendations on the areas needed to be covered

  • Areas of the business they need to know
  • The most significant pain point your customers have
  • The most significant assumption you have
  • Keywords your site is ranking for
  • Topics not covered by information but by an assumption

These will help to understand what your customers pain points are, and how you should structure your chatbot. You do not want your chatbot to be an extension of everything else but rather the answer to everything your customer is seeking. 

4. Add human attributes to your bot

The most common attribute added to all chatbots are a waiting time. This may be indicative of your brand, so make sure the waiting time isn’t too long or too short. Waiting times ensure it gives your users time to process all the information you are sending them. Unlike the bot, humans process information slowly, so ensure the text being sent to your customer is indicative of the average reading time and processing of your target market. 

5. Involve a Continuous Improvement Mindset

There is no perfect chatbot, as all chatbots and artificial intelligence are based on algorithms programmed within it. Until we reach a state where general intelligence is adopted and implemented in technology, you will have to come to terms with things that will break. Ensure everything you implement is based on the idea you are trying to replace a human with an artificial robot; it is essential to implement as many fallback states on queries, keywords, etc. You do not have the same amount of algorithm as Alexa, Siri, etc. So ensure you are continually looking at the analytics and data to change and improve your chatbot experience. 

We Hope These Ideas Help

Lavon Global is dedicated to ensure small businesses are heard during this time of uncertainty. If you are looking for a team dedicated on ensuring your success, reach out and see how we can help with your goals and objectives.

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