Boosting Sales on Instagram

Boosting Sales with an IG Strategy

Social Media is changing, and the reasons why we use them are shifting alongside with them. Use of platforms are more than tools of communication, or channels of direct value – the use of these platforms need to be understood at a holistic level to reap benefits. We break down the keys to the success of using the platform by distinct steps.

Create a Solid Foundation by Creating Goals

Ask yourself the Three Whys, to find a core reason for your decision.

  1. Why are you doing this?
  2. Everyone is else doing this?
  3. Why are they doing this?
  4. They’re reaching out to customers
  5. Why?
  6. The customers are on the platform.

Now you know the basis of your decision, to be successful you now need to map out the path to success. Setting a clear purpose with goals and a measurable metric. 

Segmenting your Instagram Audience

Ensuring your marketing efforts are consistent; you need to draw from existing marketing strategies. Determining your audience is part of the bigger picture to your marketing strategy, do not think of other platforms and Instagram as two different places, but rather two roads connecting to the same city. Every platform is different, and the type of tactics you use will change.

Don’t know where to start?

Monitor popular event and interest hashtags related to your business. See who’s using and engaging with these hashtags and check out their profiles. Don’t forget to consider factors like age, location, gender, income, interests, motivations, and pain points

Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Once a foundation is established the next steps in ensuring the assumptions are met. Looking at a competitor and see what they’re posting and the engagement they are getting. If you already know, start by reviewing their Instagram Profiles – if not search for keywords. Once you’ve conducted a competitor analysis, it’s time to create a benchmark to measure your success – as it is fundamental to the continuous development of your social media channels.

Create a Content Calendar

Your competitors are posting roughly six images per week on Instagram. Accumulates to over 300 posts per year, at that frequency, it can be challenging to stay on top. Creating a calendar will save your time long-term as filling in your calendar with Instagram post types and play your caption, hashtags, and posting times in advance. Your editorial calendar is also a great place to record any key events to highlight on your Instagram account, such as new product launches or special offers. With a content Calendar, you can keep an eye out for real-time opportunities instead of scrambling for last-minute posts.

Consistency Driving Success

Don’t fall for the disjointed content strategy by changing up what you post every day or every week. Try to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic, and always try to align it to your companies Vision, Mission, Objectives and strategies (VMOS).

If you’re unsure about your brand personality, we would recommend looking at Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. The brand aesthetic doesn’t just apply to visuals – aim to post images with your brand narrative in mind, too. Including compelling stories in your captions can make your brand more relatable.

Driving Sales

Once you establish a dedicated follower base, you can start converting those followers into paying customers. Here are some strategies.

  • Promotions: Deals, discounts, BOGOs, and other offerings are a great way to drive first-time sales with your Instagram audience. Be sure to include what your followers need to do to receive the offer, and mention a deadline to create a sense of urgency.
  • Contests: What better way to make someone a customer than by letting them try your product? 
  • Teasers: Instagram is a great platform to show your audience glimpses of new products before they’re available. 
  • Live launches: Consider showcasing a new product or service using Instagram Live.

To find out more ways to monetise your content, read more from our blog on making money on Instagram.

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