We know that for all those who have the thought of launching a startup, they must get pressed with some questions about launching and running a successful business.

So, for you that have the thoughts;

If you should work with a co-founder, if you seek funding, don’t get disturbed because it is normal to get pressed with lots of questions, yes, lots of questions.

Startup culture is all about the hustle. For some, it is about working 18-hour days and living on protein shakes, and for others, it isn’t.

Yes, it’s true many works with the latter (working 18-hour days) that is why we want to share an alternative path because there’s another way to build a business.

Bootstrapping is an excellent way to build a business, but the hustle is a lifestyle, not just a retro dance move. Here are a few points to consider just before launching:

  1. Find a Job to make ends meet

A great job can fuel your startup dream instead of drowning it.

The term “day job” has developed negative connotations, but for aspiring entrepreneurs, a steady gig can be invaluable.

As long as you’re working for a healthy and productive company, you can learn important lessons about business, teamwork, and communication.

2. Partnership

Many investors prefer to work with co-founders because they can bring different skills to the table. The partnership makes magic happen particularly when founders pair up with marketing and sales experts.

3. Passion

What do you find importnat?

There is no reason to deny that entrepreneurship is not an easy road. It can be tough with challenging days that test your commitment. Therefore, it is expected of you to know as an entrepreneur/startup that the potential for freedom and control can be intoxicating.

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