NEW Instagram Homepage! Introducing Instagram Shop & Instagram Reels Tab

Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop, Instagram Reels – Tying New Features with a New Instagram Homepage

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It feels as if you are in a loop and you keep pressing the add picture button to post your brunch to your story, to find out once again it is no longer at the centre of Instagram. You keep trying to remind your self of the change, but you could have sworn the memory of the button was still the same yesterday. 

We are guilty of not coming to terms with the change as we keep associating the centre of Instagram to adding a story and Instagram post, expecting a different result, but the realisation we are not alone in this may have been the best tactic Instagram could have introduced to force exposure of Instagram Reels with their new redesign. Not only did they force Reels on Us, but now have made it a lot easier to explore shops, making it even easier for small businesses to gain exposure on the platform. 

What is Instagram Reels & Instagram Shop?

Instagram Reels 

Similar to TikTok, Instagram aims to make it easier to create short-form content through audio and the creative tools Instagram has created. Not only is Reels similar to TikTok, but it is Instagrams attempt on regaining the organic growth on the paltform with the addition of being publically visible. 

Instagram reels work as a series of clips edited into one or recorded in full. The first clip can be accomplished by pressing and holding the capture button and seeing the progress indicator at the top. 


  • Audio: Explore music from Instagram music library or use your own original audio, and allowing other public accounts to create reels with your Audio
  • Ar Effects: Instagram has a variety of effects available for you to spice your reels up
  • Time & Countdown: Choose from 15 to 30 seconds, and after you press record – you will see a 3-2-1 countdown.
  • Align: If you are looking to create seamless transitions, Align allows you to line up objectives from previous clips before recording. 
  • Speed: Slowing or accelerating parts of the video or audio.

Instagram Shop

The Instagram Shop is an excellent opportunity for many small businesses as the feature allows it easier for consumers to explore favourite brands and creators. If you are located in the US, you will be able to purchase some of product visible within the platform through Facebook Pay, which you can expect to be a global initiative. 

We explored the shop on a fresh account with no activity for the purpose of demonstrations.

New Instagram Shop Tab

The Instagram Shop has a great design with the importance on Thumbnails, you can expect small business owners starting to invest more in how they are able to showcase their products on the platform in a more visually appealing manner.

New Instagram Shop Choices

In the highlighted area, you will find buttons linking to other areas of the Instagram shopping experience:

  • Browse Shops: Browsing brands and creators on the platform
  • Editors Picks Gifts: Instagrams Picks
  • Shop Collections: Brands product categories/collections will be able to be displayed here (if set-up correctly)
  • Explore Guides: Long-form content marketing with influencers and brands using a blog to push products and recommendations.
New Instagram Shop Wishlist

Of course similar to how you used to save Instagram posts and probably never go back to, you are able to use the same feature in shops to save products you may be interested in!

New Instagram Shop Hamburger Icon Active

If the thumbnails are not your style, if you click the hamburger icon on the top right, you will be able to view all the quick thumbnails in a list format.

New Instagram Shop Tab

Guides is one of the most important parts of the shop for small businesses looking to capture trends, as this is a unique push to quality content over quantity, as long-form posts with purpose is providing substantial ROI for users as it provides more insights for the buying decisions.

New Instagram HomePage

The New Instagram Homepage 

New Instagram Homepage

This year, with the pandemic and much of the world sheltering in place, we’ve seen an explosion in short, entertaining videos on Instagram. We’ve also seen an incredible amount of shopping move online, with more and more people buying online and young people looking to their favorite creators for recommendations on what to buy.

Introducing Reels and Shop Tabs – Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

Nearing the end of a wild year, 2020 has yet to come to an end as Instagram a widely used Application has pushed a massive change to the UI which many did not expect anytime soon. The recent change has sparked discussions on why does Instagram keep pushing changes many dislike, however the recent push puts Instagram Reels & Instagram Shop at the forefront of the application with some sneaky tricks on forcing exposure.

The redesign was the smartest and most cost-effective way of pushing Instagram Reels & Shop to everyone on Instagram. The most straightforward explanation of the redesign explores our understanding of how memories are formed. Memories are super complicated, but many academic will agree there are stages which all memories will undergo; encoding, storage, and reterival.

  1. Encoding is the process when information enters our memory,
  2. Storage is the process of storing information in our memory
  3. Retrieval is the process of outputting information from memory.

Understanding the Layout

Nearing the end of a wild year, 2020 has yet to come to an end as Instagram a widely used Application has pushed a massive change to the UI which many did not expect anytime soon. The recent change has sparked discussions on why does Instagram keep pushing changes many dislike. However, the recent push puts Instagram Reels & Instagram Shop at the forefront of the application with some sneaky tricks on forcing exposure. 

In the past, with the previous design, we actively stored the layout of the Instagram Homepage with set associations.

Centre of Instagram: Add Pictures + Stories

Next to the Centre: Activity

Before long, our long-term memory of the above associations occurred subconsciously when an active cue enters our mind: the need to post an Instagram story of your avocado on toast or a new Instagram Post. The cue will then lead our physical action to reach the locations on the application without needing to look as we have already formed the memory structure of the association.

Now we all realising when we reach to these sections, we are being introduced to a new memory structure: Instagram Reels & Shop. Not only are you exposed to the same type of content on TikTok, on Instagram – but this forced exposure over time will increase the penetration of the new feature, and increase the usage of both sections.

What Does It Mean?

There will be broad adoption very fast for many small businesses with the new integration; you will be able to find an increasing amount of companies change their approach to the platform, as now it is almost exactly like a storefront in a mall.

Digital Strategy – Tips They Do Not Want You To Know

Digital Strategy leads To Digital Networks

Why Digital Strategy?

The world is in a stage of rapid change across all industries. We see the pace of innovation picked up, and the companies who were complacent pivoting at a rapid rate faster than expected. With the continuous investment in digital, it leaves the question of where do you place digital transformation and understanding digital deeper. Following with Mckineys perspective on digital, my experience is in line with the philosophy of digital should be a way, not a thing

Digital transformation agencies or small-time social media agencies prompt you towards purchases towards social media marketing and a new website with some new and improved features. However, it is much more beautiful than these two initiatives; it is about a corporate-wide adoption of a behavioural mindset. 

Together we explore an approach to strategy through a digital mindset as a foundational step to becoming more entwined with your technological capabilities. 

The Beginning of Digital Strategy

To establish a digital strategy, we first must explore great practices to adopt before you jump into the deep end. Start with questions to help you probe each initiative you are currently doing before you jump into the group which invests in all these technology capabilities without utilising them with a purpose. 

We recommend asking the following questions whenever you are about to invest in digital regardless of what it is. You will have consultants sell you everything as a must-do for your business, but at the end of the day, they are trying to sell you their perspective, so ask your self these 4 questions.

  1. Does digital help you achieve your corporate vision?
  2. Could digital change your current business model?
  3. Does digital improve your current value proposition to your market?
  4. Does digital improve existing capabilities? 

Does Digital Help You Achieve Your Corporate Vision?

The most straightforward measurement of digital is to align it with your vision, mission, objectives, and existing strategies. For example, our corporate vision is to help all small businesses connect with more customers through real interactions. We designed a measurement system with our automation systems to ensure we are automating touchpoints for convenience not to remove our human touch from the product. Suppose the system we are designing does not align or help us achieve our vision. In that case, we have to reconsider how to mix our existing capabilities with the new system or consider scrapping it or bring it back to the drawing board. 

Could Digital Change Your Current Business Model?

Business models and what you are delivering will always change over time – it is essential to understand where it will change, and how it will change. Value additions are very common for digital services used correctly, but at the same time, it can cause a lot more friction than intended if not implemented correctly. Always reconsider how you are using digital within your existing business model and look at ways to mix your human capabilities with tech. 

Does Digital Improve Your Current Value Proposition To Your Market?

The common misconception for small businesses is the usage of digital will help drive sales or help with market penetration. Your value proposition is critical for measuring the success of your strategy if you are not improving your value proposition or adding to it – it will cause more friction when looking to convert. Digital helps with creating demand, and creating reasons for your products, it shouldn’t be used for pushing but creating. 

Does Digital Improve Existing Capabilities?

The best ROI in the short term if you are unable to replace any employees, is to look at digital or systems which will help enhance their strengths while minimising their weaknesses. Not everyone can invest in digital and have everyone learn the system the next day; it is quite rare and which if you have someone who is a quick learner- you should hold on to them tight. 

Forming a Digital Strategy

Utilising the questions of measurement, you can now audit your existing investments to digital and any future investments. Digital is about a framework of understanding, providing you with a strategy of how to capture the most value from your digital initiatives. Do not overcomplicate your strategy if you are a small business as this focus will help drive success throughout all your digital investments. 

The Framework

  1. Does digital help you achieve your corporate vision?
  2. Could digital change your current business model?
  3. Does digital improve your current value proposition to your market?
  4. Does digital improve existing capabilities? 

Each section is a layer of a digital strategy, and the icing to the cake is turning this strategy into measurable objectives. We recommend looking into Measure What Matters as the OKR system is something we incorporate and find the most success with integrating into our metrics. 

Digital Business Models – Simple Explanation

Data Capability Lavon

Executive Summary of Digital Business Models

As we are nearing the end of the year, it is more important than ever for small businesses to consider the digital transformation story. Statistics show  70% of companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or working on one. While 21% of companies think they’ve already completed the digital transformation. 

Digital is penetrating every area of business, and the business models we are used to are not what they used to be as they are evolving in different ways. Companies now have to look out for what digital models are available to adopt, understand how they operate and see how best to apply them to achieve their goals.

A digital business model involves the use of digital technologies to create value based on the development of customer benefits. The goal of the digital solution is to create additional values customers are willing to pay for moving towards a significant competitive advantage. 

Ideal Characteristics for Digital Business Models

  1. Value generation through digital technological, or as we like to call them technological enhancers.
  2. Acquisitions & Distributions based on digital channels
  3. Customers are reached through digital platforms

Three Types of Digital Business Models

Freemium Model

  1. Customers receive parts of a digitised service or products at no cost as an entry to purchase add-ons for their original purchase.
  2. Great examples of how to achieve success with a freemium model is looking at how you can gamify your services and add-ons in a way which provides just enough value to find out the benefits of your paid services and the need to upgrade. 

Marketplace Model

  1. The marketplace model is very common for businesses who can attract both sellers and buyers within the existing model. For e.g. Amazon started as an eCommerce platform for books and ended up moving to remove the idea of them selling products, and invited other sellers of books to use the platform to gain the benefit of their eCommerce platform. 

Service as a Software Platforms

Digital business model allows customers to use an asset without the need for purchasing. Most commonly, the business models are businesses who able to digitised their service in a platform which allows anyone to subscribe to the service. For example, if you are purchasing service by subscribing to the company, this is considered service as software (SaaS) application bringing you a digitised product.

How To Get Started With Digital in 2020 – Australia

How To Get Started With Digital Guide

How To Get Started With Digital in 2020 – Australia

The luxury of deciding on digital has ended as with many other small businesses during the 2020 pandemic… But if you are reading this, it might not be the case for you! As a small business, it is essential to have a digital presence as you need certainty when it comes to being able to reach your customers.

We have come up with a list of topics and guides to help familiarise your self with digital and how to use them. This is a guide on How To Get Started With Digital in 2020 and a list for you to be able to come back or refer people to.

  1. How to create a Facebook page
  2. How to create a YouTube page (TO BE ADDED)
  3. How to create an Instagram page (TO BE ADDED)
  4. How to create a LinkedIn page (TO BE ADDED)
  5. How to use Google search (TO BE ADDED)
  6. How to use YouTube (TO BE ADDED)
  7. How to create a Blog (TO BE ADDED)
  8. How to create a Podcast (TO BE ADDED)

1. Register for a Facebook Business Page

Create Button on Facebook

To create a Facebook business page, you need to use your personal Facebook account, and if you do not have a Facebook, this is might be the time to set up one for work purposes. Once you are on you will find a Plus Sign, you will need to click on it which will have a list of things you are able to do.

2. Select “Page” from the Menu

image 1 Lavon Global

A drop-down list will appear after clicking “Create.” Select the first option, “Page,” to create your Facebook Business Page!

If you were familiar with the old layout, you would have had two choices to choose between a “Business or Brand” or “Community or Public Figure.” but Facebook has made the process a lot simpler.

3. Enter Your Page Name

Page Name Lavon Global

Enter your Business Information. This should be the same as your actual business name. Then, choose a business category that best represents what your business offers.

4. Enter Your Page Category

Page Category Lavon Global

Your business category should best represent what your business offers. For example, a clothing brand could enter “Clothing,” which will then pre-populate a list of related options for you to choose from.

5. Upload Your Profile Picture & Cover Photo

Profile Picture and Cover Lavon Global

Now the fun and creative part! Facebook is a channel your customers will use to find your business so you should put your companies brand hat on and think how you want to showcase yourself on the platform. Businesses commonly use a logo but you may use any photo which is best suited.

With the cover photo, you will be able to upload either a video which automatically plays or a boring picture. You want your cover photo to be visually appealing and representative of your business!

Canva Custom Design Guideline Resolution
2050 x 780 Dimensions

6. Invite Friends to Like Your Page

Invite All Friends Lavon Global

With all businesses getting started with digital, the best place is to invite your current Facebook Friends which are connected to your personal account. Existing Facebook friends can provide a good initial base of likes for a new Facebook Business Page.

7. Navigate to Page Info

image 4 Lavon Global

In your left-hand menu you will find icons, find and select “Settings”.

6. Update your Business Information

image 3 Lavon Global

Now Navigate to Page info and Update Your Business information. Think of Facebook as the first place your customers will navigate to. Keep everything up to date, 100% of the time! We also offer a social media assistance package where we will communicate with you throughout the month and do they pdates for you.

8. Add a Button to Your Page

chrome dgn0bosEV8 Lavon Global

Facebooks allows you to have a big call-to-action (CTA) on your Facebook fo free. You can choose the one which is the most relevant to you and your business.

9. Get Started with Digital by Being Active

Creating a Facebook Business Page is only the first step to engaging with your customers. You will need to be active to be able to market your page and grow an audience.

Post frequently: New and frequent posts tell your fans and followers that you’re active, legitimate and care about them as customers. Old or expired posts could imply that your business is closed or isn’t invested in its customers. Use post scheduling to create posts in advance so your Page remains fresh, even when you’re away.
Post content that your followers will care about: The more relatable your content is, the more you’ll be able to connect with your audience. Potential customers who see content that matters to them may be more likely to become fans of your Page or trust your business.

Facebooks Recommendations

Get Started With Digital Part 1

We hope you enjoy the guide so far, we plan to keep updating this list with all the information you need to be able to go digital in 2020. We all need a list which is the most relevant, and we hope this can be it for you!

  1. How to create a YouTube page (TO BE ADDED)
  2. How to create an Instagram page (TO BE ADDED)
  3. How to create a LinkedIn page (TO BE ADDED)
  4. How to use Google search (TO BE ADDED)
  5. How to use YouTube (TO BE ADDED)
  6. How to create a Blog (TO BE ADDED)
  7. How to create a Podcast (TO BE ADDED)

Starting a Business in 2020 – Tips and Tricks

Starting a Business At Lavon

Starting a Business in 2020

Starting a business in 2020 might seem like a daunting task, but instead, if you are in Australia, it might not be all that complicated. Not only can you register as a sole trader very quickly, Australia currently ranks 5th on the global entrepreneurship index. At the same time, we are also ranking 7 on the ease of starting a business! 

Not only is Australia a great place to start a small business, but they are also very welcoming to businesses. We highly recommend looking at the free resources available by the Victorian Government; you can use the links below

Starting a Business Plan Lavon

Start with The Basics

If you are like many, the information on the Victorian Business page might seem frightening, but it doesn’t have to be. The way it should be is from starting from leveraging your expertise in a product or service which you can charge your clients.

Questions you should ask

  •  Is there a market for this?
  • Are others in the market?
  • What platforms should I use to sell to my customers?
  • Are there any free networks regarding your industry? 
  • Are other people selling it?”

Tasks You Should Do

  • Clear Idea of what you want your business to be
  • Write a plan
  • Financing
  • Structure
  • Make a Marketing Plan
  • Research Your Industry

Start With Digital

The pandemic has forced many businesses to invest in digital transformation, and now you are in a position of starting digitally mature! Jumping ahead of many can provide you nimbleness your competitors will be envious of, as you have a competitive advantage which they are unable to develop overnight. If you have had the opportunity to still connect with others during the pandemic, you would have a chance of a ‘new’ virtual experience over the past few months.

Proactive Learning: To sell online, you will need to consider creating an eCommerce website or shop for your business. You can try Shopify or Woocommerce as popular options. If you would like specific instructions, reach out to me on Instagram or contact us, and we will get back to you. 

Be Transparent

As digital matures, consumers are expecting more transparency across companies as the concerns of privacy grows. It has never been more critical to have information your consumers are looking for easily accessed. As the foundational pillar of transparency is to ensure every pain point is addressed by letting your consumers having everything they need to make an informed decision. 

Give Buyers Control 

As competition becomes fierce in all industries as new entrants enter each year, you may already be competing in an oversaturated market. It is up to you to decide how you communicate your offerings to your customer. In most situations, you should start considering how to give your buyers complete control of their buying decision, whether or not that means to make transparent pricing, options they can choose from, but essentially giving them the power.

Global Marketing Agency – Going Digital

Global Marketing Agency

Global Marketing Agency - Going Digital

The global marketing agency world has been put to the test as smaller agencies continue to strive across industries. When digital was fresh in the minds of consumers, it was tough to find experts in the field, but as the first phase of digitalisation has reached its course – we are entering new stages of value creation across the web. Global marketers are still unable to capture the value of digital transformation beyond a website and social media channels. It is important to understand how to improve existing human capabilities with new technological capabilities.

The approach many global marketers take is to integrate a full-service campaign by considering every aspect of a company and continue to drive the element across new digital directives.

All global marketing agencies, or often referred as creative agencies, or advertising agencies, are companies dedicated to designing and managing a brand’s design, marketing, branding, advertising, digital and social media campaigns. An advertising agency is generally independent of the client. Still, it can be an internal department within the agency that provides an outside point of view to sell a client’s products or services. The agency can also take over the overall marketing/branding and promotion strategy for its clients, which can also include sales.

Digitalisation has led to opportunities across all industries as digital disruption has caused many companies to fall to digital nomads. Digital nomads are experts who have utilised technology to a capacity beyond what was capable of exceeding human expectations—capitalising on areas where no amount of hours invested can equate to the same result. Global marketing agencies are funnily positioned to be in the same boat but were unable to capture the beauty of digital beyond human capabilities.  

Global Marketing Agency

Globalisation & Global Marketers

Globalisation and the adoption of the internet have levelled the field for global marketers as access to clients become easier. Most companies who incorporate a digital strategy, it is often referred to as a social media and website content strategy, which focuses on driving clients through long-term content creation.

To be able to compete with global companies, small businesses will need to look into investing upwards of over $100,000 into a global marketing agency as the structure of many companies focus on top-down business models, where the people executing are paid far less than the people at the top. You will find many graduates in digital who have spent their lives learning to only be paid the bare minimum. The prehistoric agency models are going to be disrupted as the business confidence across Australia reaches -4 in September and the reliance on small businesses to recover the jobs lost.

For small businesses to be able to compete they will need to swallow the pill of not knowing how to take their business further. Experts specialise in different growth opportunities, and some of them are more well informed of growth steps after a company grosses over 7 figures.


How We Operate

Our digital services help companies explore digitally on a global scale by providing a digital progression. Looking at how to incorporate digital alongside your existing structure – providing a new perspective of digital. Global marketers sometimes forget what it means to be global as tech companies continue to soar, leaving traditional companies in the dust. 

There are times when your business is amid internal wrangling over impending change; the involvement of an external adviser can break the deadlock. Lavon Global is built for small businesses who are looking for the most cost-effective solution to their problems. Reach out and connect with us to see how we are suited for each other.

Exploring Why You Need to Upgrade Your Data Capability

Data Capability Lavon

Exploring Why You Need to Upgrade Your Data Capability

Understanding Data Capabilities

The digital transformation story of 2020 continues to grow ever more vital as we continue to go deeper into an uncertain environment. It is essential for companies to truly understand the unique opportunities data insights can bring towards strategic decisions being made. A 2016 report by indata labs reported 64% of 162 u.s. Based senior executives strongly agreed data-driven marketing is crucial to the success in a hyper-competitive global economy. 

The data capability story of 2020 is going to be told for years of how companies were able to reposition their model according to the shifting needs of customers in real-time. However, like most stories, there are always winners and losers and in the case of data – it will be the businesses who were unable to capture a new demand as they struggled to address changing needs while operating their business.

The inaction can be related to the lack of understanding of how to use data when making strategic decisions. The common barriers businesses will face are the following insights we have drawn:

  • Using multiple data capturing applications
  • Internal data capture to non-digital storage
  • Data silos
  • Organisational silos

There is endless potential when it comes to capturing data as the pool of information can be extracted across all physical and digital touchpoints. Data is meant to be built within a system driven for analytics and insights to inform strategic decisions. Commonly comparing insights from within the company to external benchmarks creating a process of evaluation of internal methods to external metrics. Without data, there is no measurable objective and no understanding of whether the current operations are proceeding as planned. 

Data Capability Lavon Lavon Global

How To Get Started

Understanding and using data is more than an overnight story which can easily be adapted as it takes a mindset shift to believe the data. There are a lot of reasons as to why small businesses are hearing about data. Still, a lot of the popularity of data stems from the globalisation and the easy access to information. Technology advancements have made it easier for executives to make decisions as it is a lot easier to rely on data than just an assumption. We have come up with steps everyone can take towards accepting data within their organisation for analytical driven decisions.

1. Rethink Your Organisational Tolerance to Data

The first caveat to being able to use data to create a strategy is how you handle the data. Multiple companies have created entities within an organisation with no cross-communication of insights and how the data can better inform the decisions. There have to be cross-functional units or technological capabilities which communicate all the findings into a centralised place to allow a connection between all silos in a company.

2. Understand Your Channels

Understanding the channels of insights are coming from, will provide you endless opportunities which you can capitalise on. The digitalisation of information has made it extremely easy to find good and bad information from “customers” who are sharing their feedback. There are multitudes of channels available and it’s a marketers role to understand these channels to effectively communicate the understanding.

3. Understanding Data Insights

The data you have available will usually show a range of metrics which might not make any sense when you are trying to make decisions based off of them. You need to add meanings and objectives towards the objectives based on a campaign-style measurement, where you determine the last 3 months, you performed 3 activities, and the metrics show the results of that. You then can compare these to the previous period and see what is working and what is not working – allowing you to make decisions by adding value to the numbers. 

4. Prepare an Evaluation System

Once you have identified the gap data will play to your strategy goals and objectives, you need to identify key metrics for success. For e.g. if you are looking to increase your digital presence, you need to understand how to measure a broad objective. In this case, you have launched a website, and established a social media presence. You can measure the following

  1. Track website referrals
  2. Increased average session duration 
  3. Total Impressions
  4. Increased Click Through Rate

The list can go on endlessly but the point is to find the most important, and in this case tracking between the two mediums is important. Understanding where your traffic is coming from will inform you if social media is helping, average session will inform if your website has what your customers are looking for, etc. There are no copy paste answers to what you should be tracking as everyone should be doing things differently depending on their objectives.

4. Rethinking Your Insight Model

Establish a company-wide objective and have all models play a part towards the data collection. It is crucial to understand how your company collects data by being able to centralise the results towards a common objective. Every unit will define metrics differently, do not try to change the results of a unit to fit your narrative without understanding what was even measured. Every team needs to be able to align their products towards a common objective, not the other way round.

Once you can break down the silos within the organisation, it is essential for all technology capabilities used within departments analysed within teams then presented to the common objective. Data is crucial in being able to measure improvements and create a sustainable competitive advantage – models which can predict and optimsie your operations will provide astronomical benefits. When you are identifying a model to determine your companies success, do not start from the “start” but the end. Look at opportunities and areas where you want to be, and use data to frame the evaluation of whether you are able to reach.

Types of Data

Once you have decided to start looking at data and gather insights, you need to familiarise yourself with the types of data available.

1. Demographic Data

Demographics is one of the most commonly known types of data,  if you have had the chance to look into marketing you would have broken down your markets by demographics. 

There are so many data points, but to give you a few:

  • Age
  • Education Level
  • Gender
  • Religion
  • Average household income
  • Marital Status
  • Education Level

Demographics are great at a broad view of your audience and may help with making targeted decisions. 

2. Behavioral Data

Behavioural data just like its name suggests is about a consumers behaviour around collection points. There are no limits of the type of behavioural data collected but generally, behavioural data is a lot more specific in terms of their actions.

  • Website engagement 
  • Social media engagement 
  • Click-through rates
  • Buying tendencies
  • So much more

Behavioural data is limited to the applications collecting the data but often it is aligned with other systems to help create a journey map of your customers. It is important to use this data alongside other types of data to be able to truly understand your customers touchpoints. 

3. Technographic Data

Technographic data is a new addition which takes into account a user’s technological stack. As we continue to adopt digital across all industries, the list of tools you can use to conduct business continues to grow rapidly. It is important to understand the technological stacks people use as it can provide insights on how to attract, more commonly explored in B2B marketing as someone may be using your competitors or types of skills available. 

  • Analytical Software
  • Javascript Frameworks
  • Cloud Delivery Networks
  • eCommerce Functionality

The technology stack reveals how businesses are conducting their operations, but more importantly, provides you opportunities of engagement by suggesting actions to fill in their gap.

4. Performance Data

The most important form of data is when you are able to use your insights to draw conclusions on past events. If you are running campaigns within your organisation, it is important to use the analytics to draw a measurable performance metric to measure the success of the campaign. For example, are your online campaigns doing better than your traditional campaigns? You have data available for both metrics you should be analysing these results on a determining factor.

  • Analytical Software
  • Javascript Frameworks
  • Cloud Delivery Networks
  • eCommerce Functionality

The technology stack reveals how businesses are conducting their operations, but more importantly, provides you opportunities of engagement by suggesting actions to fill in their gap.

Your Data Capability Relationship

To be able to fully upgrade your data capability, it requires mindset shifts to reevaluate your current state to address the new norms. Understanding how you are able to play with the new skills. An upgraded data capability is not just an investment into technology but rather an organisational shift of accepting continuous improvement. 

Chatbots are Disrupting Industries. Make Your Decision Now

Chatbots Lavon Global

Chatbots are 24/7 Online Customer Service Team

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots have been around for decades, and it is far from new technology, but for many, it is an excellent capability. Companies commonly explore chatbots as an easy go-to investment for digital customer experience. There are two areas a chatbot covers, which are

  1. Chatbots or chat functionality allows customer service representatives to reach out to your customers while they are browsing different areas of your website and engage them when it is the best time.
  2. The second is utilising Artificial intelligence to reach out to your customers based on behavioural inputs at times they are more likely to invest and nurture them by chatting to them

Nowadays, you can find chatbots across all platforms as companies such as Drift have taken the industry by storm with unique AI-driven lead nurturing. The only caveat to the usage of Drift is its price. However, Intercom and livechat can compete but I think it is essential to understand why you are investing in a chatbot. There are multiple ways you can take, but sometimes the ‘new feel’ of technology can ripe you into investing in a bot without understanding its purpose

Chatbot Assistance
Source: Chatbots (of) the future! (Phani Marupaka)

Benefits of ChatBots

Depending on your objectives, if you want to invest in a chatbot for messenger there are heaps of tools you can use, we have explored manychat and chatfuel for our needs. You will only need to understand conversational algorithms to get the full benefit of the platform.

  • Chatbots Designed for a Purpose. Generally, you will find a chatbot fulfilling a specific purpose in companies digital operations. The purpose of the chatbot will vary but generally helping customers with a specific problem or replacing a customer service representative 
  • Chatbots automate processes. Not only a chatbot can help nurture your leads to a qualified lead, but it can also help with analytics, contests, etc. They can do many things if you program it well
We have consolidated a list of things you need to do NOW to ensure you get the best VALUE for your money. 
  • Start with a plan
  • Your chatbot should be an embodiment of your brand
  • Solve Uncertainty
  • Add Human Attributes To Your Bot
  • Involve a Continious Improvement Mindset

1. Start with a Plan

Are you planning to educate your customers or are you planning to sell directly through the bot? Understanding both interactions are extremely important as both is possible depending on your online structure, but it also depends on how much time you are willing to invest into the creation. The design for this example will be a simple customer experience example.

2. Your chatbot should be an embodiment of your brand

Create a persona for your chatbot and the way it would react to certain questions. Do not use technology as a way to save time, but rather help your customers save time. Create a personality which resonates deerly to your customers. 

3. Solve Uncertainty

Everyone who informs you about chatbots explains to you all the things you should do at the start by nurturing them, but we like to go back to advise us on what could go wrong. This is common in agile practices, it is referred to as a premortem, and when you are planning a chatbot – you are running entirely on assumptions. 

Here our are recommendations on the areas needed to be covered

  • Areas of the business they need to know
  • The most significant pain point your customers have
  • The most significant assumption you have
  • Keywords your site is ranking for
  • Topics not covered by information but by an assumption

These will help to understand what your customers pain points are, and how you should structure your chatbot. You do not want your chatbot to be an extension of everything else but rather the answer to everything your customer is seeking. 

4. Add human attributes to your bot

The most common attribute added to all chatbots are a waiting time. This may be indicative of your brand, so make sure the waiting time isn’t too long or too short. Waiting times ensure it gives your users time to process all the information you are sending them. Unlike the bot, humans process information slowly, so ensure the text being sent to your customer is indicative of the average reading time and processing of your target market. 

5. Involve a Continuous Improvement Mindset

There is no perfect chatbot, as all chatbots and artificial intelligence are based on algorithms programmed within it. Until we reach a state where general intelligence is adopted and implemented in technology, you will have to come to terms with things that will break. Ensure everything you implement is based on the idea you are trying to replace a human with an artificial robot; it is essential to implement as many fallback states on queries, keywords, etc. You do not have the same amount of algorithm as Alexa, Siri, etc. So ensure you are continually looking at the analytics and data to change and improve your chatbot experience. 

We Hope These Ideas Help

Lavon Global is dedicated to ensure small businesses are heard during this time of uncertainty. If you are looking for a team dedicated on ensuring your success, reach out and see how we can help with your goals and objectives.

NEW Global Opportunities – Infomercials as Content

NEW Global Opportunities - Amazon Live

Innovation in eCommerce has been a hot topic as the industry giants range from young entrepreneurs to big corporates stealing the show. Influencers have been exploring every path to making money online and innovating ways to sell products indirectly. Amazon live is interesting as it takes infomercials for products and deals we all hated seeing on TV, but placed in a way you enjoy..? Amazon Live is a live-streaming platform on Amazon, for sellers and influencers to promote products and drive sales through live video where consumers can directly purchase your deals. 

The most common live-streaming platforms: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch. But is Amazon Live worth exploring?

Starting Out

Global Opportunities - Amazon Live

To be able to qualify, you need to be a part of the Amazon influencer program and U.S. sellers. 


  • Amazon Influencer Program
  • Active Store Front
  •  U.S. Professional Amazon Seller or
  •  U.S. Vendor with an approved Amazon Store
  • iPhone User


  • Download the Amazon Live Creator app.
  • An iPhone or iPad (the app is currently only available for iOS users).
  • A strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • You can go live directly from the app or connect to an external mic or camera 
  • When you’re setting up, choose the brand of the product you want to showcase (must be registered 
  • When you’re ready to go live, you will be asked to pick a brand of the product you want to showcase (the brand needs to be registered with Amazon’s Brand Registry).
  • Products will be added to a carousel to display below your stream 

Tips for Being Successful

1. Schedule time slots longer than 30 minutes but shorter than 2 hours

To be effective on Amazon, you will need to make sure you are live for at least 30 minutes. It is essential to understand the content you are creating is different than actual infomercials as you are an influencer, not just a salesperson. Engage with the shoppers, expand on the benefits and be authentic as you do not want to sell the products to make money. Instead, you are selling these to make the lives of the shoppers better.

2. Interact with the Shoppers

Of course, you may not have any viewers, but if you are an influencer ensure you are timing the time you go live with your viewers. It is essential to interact with them, get feedback and understand their purchasing behaviour. Encouraging them to receive notifications, follow you on other platforms. When your viewers are asking questions, treat every single one as a buyer who is willing to make a purchase and go out of your way to spoil them. Show them every feature why they should consider purchasing, and do not feel discouraged if you are repeating yourself.

3. Have a Reason

Do not sell your products directly and shove the product in their face; we all want to feel like we made the decision ourselves. It is essential to have a story to every stream and purpose, whether it is a special deal or promotional codes – add some uncertainty. The thrill of streaming is the fact it is a live feed, and it is essential to utilise the fact it is live to drive your decisions on what to stream. The best streams and the most engaging streams are the ones which add continuous reasons for shoppers to come past, as if you are going live every time there is a promotion, you may be making the sales, but you could have made more if the price was not their pain point, but a feature was.

Should You Try Amazon Live?

There is no clear answer, but as Amazon continues to grow into every Industry, you also have opportunities to grow alongside the growth of the company. Amazon live is a great service to watch as it has turned hated infomercials into content for shoppers on the platform. It is very important to see how this plays out as infomercials were generally hated and were filled with misleading and deceiving statements. Will Amazon live have the same issues? 

3 Reasons to Start Businesses Now

Freedom to Start Businesses Now

3 Reasons to Start Businesses Now

The idea of a new normal scares many, but it shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying to do things but rather a reason to try. More often than not, overcoming your struggles is the first step to a greater life, and exploring these through innovation can create boundless opportunities. 

Think of the pandemic of a way to reset your mind of being stuck and a key to being freer. Many in first world countries have been very lucky with how governments are responding and the amount of money they are printing to keep the economy afloat. All eyes are on entrepreneurs as they emerge from coronavirus hibernation and test the environment for signs of renewal. 

If you think the global pandemic can curb the recent spark of entrepreneurism and bootstrapping start-ups, you are mistaken! However… Maybe the flexing on Instagram and social media might stop as there isn’t anything special to show off anymore.. A recent survey from SCORE found 43.9% of startups have a “wait and see” attitude, 18.4% scaled and only 2.6% abandoned their business. 

Entrepreneurs are all about innovation and resiliency when it comes to unforeseen circumstances, capturing the opportunities in front of them. We explore reasons to help motivate people who have been considering trying something and need a shield from negativity.

1. Creating something from nothing

As we are all in the same situation, we are all trying to survive the economic uncertainty so think of an innovative approach to go to market. Consider minimising spending by using free applications, trials, cost breakdowns, partnerships, renegotiating terms with vendors, etc.

Here are a few to consider

  • Choosing a low-investment business to start.
  • Starting your business from home.
  • Buying used equipment
  • Virtual Meetings 
  • Apply to Jobs while learning these skills
  • Using freelancers/independent contractors
  • Taking advantage of online communication channels 

These skills are very hard to learn and adapt, but the economic downturn has caused it to be a necessity so forcing yourself to learn can be crucial not only in the startup stage but also as your business grow

2. Survived the 2020 Pandemic Recession

Think of how the story pans out, when people look at what you are able to accomplish during uncertainty and how you faced adversity. Similar to how we look back at entrepreneurs throughout economic downturns, right now we are living in one. The business models we know have changed and despite everyone’s definition of a normal, it will never go back to “normal”. Consumer perceptions have shifted across all industries, trends are rising, and causing corporations to rethink and focus their next business pivot.

3. Let Innovation Flourish

The decisions are being made either in open or behind closed doors. Owners will have to adapt to the norms being set by governments, as Victoria aims to ensure all business owners require a COVID safe plan. Understanding why businesses need to do this can be seen as either a decision because of compliance of operating, or because the needs of customers are changing. Smart business owners will consistently change how they approach the market by capitalising on consumer changes.