Hiring Creatives

3 Lessons Learnt when Hiring Creatives

Finding the right creatives are difficult when you are trying to find a team who can inspire life into your ideas – you need someone who is consistently thinking about the bigger picture. Creatives themselves are a different breed, they thrive on the ability to be able to create something with everything they are doing. Hiring creatives are challenging, but they are a few things you can do to find the right type for your company.

1. Ideations formed from Strategy

Some creatives understand every idea can have legs, and it is up to them to make them walk. The understanding the communication behind designs and all the distant phenomenon as they can bring together from their work. From experience, it is when the  “creative juice” just flows through you, and you feel energised to bring these ideas to life. There is truth to the saying of ideas are not worthwhile and the true value comes from the execution. When creatives understand how to execute their ideas with their work, they’re able to expand these ideas into other areas of operations. 

2. Creatives Who Have Tried Everything

“The best creative people need to know a lot about a little and a little about a lot. They naturally live on the edge but know how to exist in the middle. So look for people who’ve lived lots regardless of their age. People who’ve moved around plenty but were passionate about every place they’ve been. Ultimately, you’re looking for a dynamic mix of educated, eclectic and energetic.”

3. Be Unique

When looking to find a creative for your business it is also important to think outside of the box. Sometimes adding more hoops with more incentives can nurture the right applications for your business. There are limited creatives in the world, why not stand out by doing something unique.  The best kind of scenario asks candidates to solve an open-ended problem by allowing them to come up with their own solutions and their skills. Look outside your own box and make sure he or she is passionate, honest, and in touch on a personal level with your industry and the world of style, art and fashion. 

Any company hiring a top-level creative executive must first and foremost have complete trust in a shared vision. Creating authenticity by finding their experience and unique ability to activate demand by understanding the ethos of this market. 


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