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We Make Digital Easy​

Simplifying the complexities in life by three key areas.


When it comes to digital, we all think about creating a website and running ads. We instead explore things broader...


Taking the first step to incorporating digital is understanding website development is only...


Lavon Global is designed for your digital initiatives are taken care of with a human centric approach focusing...

Creating Authentic Voices for Victorians​

Amir Brooks is a visionary for better connections, currently founder & CEO of Lavon Global. Lavon Global is an agency providing companies with a new opportunity during the pandemic struck-world. Inspiring to becoming the authentic voice of brands and business development in the digital space.

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Getting Personal

We believe digital doesn't have to be complicated so let's make it simple

Our Purpose

Inspiring connections; not disconnections. Creating Real Business Interactions for Real Customers.

Our Values

Our Values are the starting point to excellence - everything we do is an embodiment of what we believe in.

Our Initiatives

In a time of a pandemic, and uncertainty, we believe we need authentic and transparent businesses to work with.

Bring Us Together 

Making Every Victorian Business Digital

What We Stand For


News and stories

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